Client Love

Angela takes the stress out of running my business. Whether it’s email, accounting, invoicing, or following-up on ill-defined and completely ambiguous tasks, she handles it with competence, grace and good cheer. I know if Angela takes it on it will get done right, right away.
— Sandi Metz, author, Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby and 99 Bottles of OOP
Angela’s awesome! She’s competent, thoughtful, a good listener and always professional. We meet every week via Google hangouts so that we can review Quickbooks, client needs and issues. When I travel, she responds to client requests. I’m so grateful to Jim Gay for suggesting that I reach out to her.
— Steve Spindler, Founder and CEO of WikiMapping
Angela is extremely responsive and helpful. She helps make sure that the administrative side of our business runs smoothly so that we can focus on taking care of our clients and finding new ways to serve them. Highly recommended!
— Suzan Bond, Career + Executive Coach, Founder of Bet on Yourself